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A python module to create bindings using modern C++.

Install using

$ pip install pybindcpp

The documentation is available at


LicPy Build Status LicPy Version Status LicPy Downloads

LicPy is our implementation in Python of the line integral convolution (LIC) method for visualizing vectorfields. It has TensorFlow as a dependency, and it relies on it to accelerate the image generation when a GPU is present.

The documentation is available at


Quadrature Build Status

A python module for computing the quadratures (integrals) of homogenous polynomials of arbitrary order over any simplices in any dimension.

To install run

pip install --upgrade git+git://

Documentation and examples are available


Triangle Build Status Triangle Version Status Triangle Downloads

Triangle is a python wrapper around Jonathan Richard Shewchuk’s two-dimensional quality mesh generator and delaunay triangulator library, available here. This implementation utilizes Cython to wrap the C API as closely as possible. The source is available on Github, and the documentation can be accessed at